Practitioners: Registration Processes

Make use of our services to promote your practice and to manage online consultations.

Any health care professional can register to gain access to the clinic a consult patients.

The registration process will include uploading resume and/or profile of the professional. He/she has to be registered with a health professional body with good standing. Upon Registering the health professionals have a an option of choosing the tier the belong to .

A Registered Medical Practitioner is entitled to provide telemedicine consultation to patients from any part of the jurisdiction of their registration.

RMPs using telemedicine shall uphold the same professional and ethical norms and standards as applicable to traditional in-person care, within the intrinsic limitations of telemedicine .To enable all those RMPs who would want to practice telemedicine get familiar with these Guidelines as well as with the process and limitations of telemedicine practice:

The Tiers


This will be the low end with limited access to patient as well as the site.

The bronze medical professional will have pay a once off per annum fee of BWP 350 which will give them access to the system as follows:

  • 2 out of 7 days
  • 4 hours limit per day
  • Maximum of 10 patient per month
  • Contact details -Just a phone number and email


The upgrade of the above with more time on the platform.

The silver medical professional will cost BWP550 per annum fee to gain access as follows:

  • 3 out 7 days
  • 6 hours per day
  • Maximum 15 patient per month
  • Contact details -phone number, email address as well as physical location


This tier comes with more access to the site as well marketing of the physical clinic space.

The Gold tier will pay a once off per annum fee of BWP750

  • 4 out 7 days of the week
  • 10 hours a day access
  • A maximum of 20 patient per month
  • Access to contribute to blogs and articles about their clinic
  • Map and location of the clinic/physical space
  • About me profile of the doctor with a picture and feedback from patients


This tier comes at a cost of BWP 1000 per annum and unlimited access to the platform

  • Everyday access to the site
  • Unlimited hourly access
  • Patient access to search for them
  • Profile listed in the doctors listing with full access
  • Blog/article that is branded